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AWS DAX SDK for the Go programming language.
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aws-dax-go is the official AWS DAX SDK for the Go programming language.

Checkout our release notes for information about the latest bug fixes, updates, and features added to the SDK.

Getting started

The best way to get started working with the SDK is to use go get to add the SDK to your Go Workspace manually.

go get

You could also use Dep to add the SDK to your application's dependencies. Using Dep will simplify your update story and help your application keep pinned to a specific version of the SDK.

dep ensure -add

Making API requests

This example shows how you can use the AWS DAX SDK to make an API request.

package main

import (

func main() {
	cfg := dax.DefaultConfig()
	cfg.HostPorts = []string{""}
	cfg.Region = "us-west-2"
	client, err := dax.New(cfg)
	if err != nil {
		panic(fmt.Errorf("unable to initialize client %v", err))

	input := &dynamodb.PutItemInput{
		TableName: aws.String("TryDaxGoTable"),
		Item: map[string]*dynamodb.AttributeValue{
			"pk":    {S: aws.String("mykey")},
			"sk":    {N: aws.String("0")},
			"value": {S: aws.String("myvalue")},

	output, err := client.PutItem(input)
	if err != nil {
		panic(fmt.Errorf("unable to make request %v", err))

	fmt.Println("Output: ", output)

Feedback and contributing

GitHub issues: To provide feedback or report bugs, file GitHub Issues on the SDK. This is the preferred mechanism to give feedback so that other users can engage in the conversation, +1 issues, etc. Issues you open will be evaluated, and included in our roadmap.

Contributing: You can open pull requests for fixes or additions to the AWS DAX SDK for Go. All pull requests must be submitted under the Apache 2.0 license and will be reviewed by an SDK team member before being merged in. Accompanying unit tests, where possible, are appreciated.


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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