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Go Discover Nodes for Cloud Providers Build Status

go-discover is a Go (golang) library and command line tool to discover ip addresses of nodes in cloud environments based on meta information like tags provided by the environment.

The configuration for the providers is provided as a list of key=val key=val ... tuples where the values can be URL encoded. The provider is determined through the provider key. Effectively, only spaces have to be encoded with a + and on the command line you have to observe quoting rules with your shell.


# Amazon AWS
provider=aws region=eu-west-1 tag_key=consul tag_value=... access_key_id=... secret_access_key=...

# Google Cloud
provider=gce project_name=... zone_pattern=eu-west-* tag_value=consul credentials_file=...

# Microsoft Azure
provider=azure tag_name=consul tag_value=... tenant_id=... client_id=... subscription_id=... secret_access_key=...

Supported Providers

The following cloud providers are supported but additional providers can be added to the discover.Disoverers map.

Command Line Tool Usage

Install the command line tool with:

go get -u

Then run it with:

$ discover provider=aws region=eu-west-1 ...

Library Usage

Install the library with:

go get -u

Then call the discover.Discover function with the arguments for the provider you want to use:

# use ioutil.Discard for no log output
l := log.New(os.Stderr, "", log.LstdFlags)
args := "provider=aws region=eu-west-1 ..."
addrs, err := discover.Discover(args, l)

For complete API documentation, see GoDoc and the supported providers.