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An R package for Ipeadata API database
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R package for Ipeadata API database

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This R package is an easier alternative to use the dataset of Brazilian Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea). It allows directly access to the macroeconomic, financial and regional databases. This package helps you to find the series you're looking for without the need to go on the Ipeadata website to find it and downloading it. This is a pratical way to use the Ipea databases on R.




Via GitHub


Functions list

Functions Outputs
available_countries List with available countries
available_series List with available series
available_subjects List with available subjects
available_territories List with available territorial divisions
ipeadata Returns a database about the requested series
metadata Returns a metadata about the requested series
search_series List with searched series


For more details and examples, see R Documentation.

For a brief tutorial, visit this vignette.

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