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import * as express from "express";
import * as bodyParser from "body-parser";
import * as config from "../config";
import Blockchain from "../blockchain";
import Block from "../blockchain/block";
import P2pServer from "./p2p-server";
import Wallet from "../wallet";
import TransactionPool from "../wallet/transaction-pool";
import Miner from "./miner";
const HTTP_PORT: string = process.env.HTTP_PORT || "3001";
const app = express();
const blockchain: Blockchain = new Blockchain();
const wallet: Wallet = new Wallet();
const tp: TransactionPool = new TransactionPool();
const p2pServer: P2pServer = new P2pServer(blockchain, tp);
const miner = new Miner(blockchain, tp, wallet, p2pServer);
//view balance
app.get(config.ENDPOINT_GET_BALANCE, (request, response) => {
response.json({balance: wallet.calculateBalance(blockchain)});
//view all blocks on blockchain
app.get(config.ENDPOINT_GET_BLOCKS, (request, response) => {
response.json({blockchain: blockchain.chain});
//show wallet's public key
app.get(config.ENDPOINT_GET_PUBLIC_KEY, (request, response) => {
response.json({publicKey: wallet.publicKey});
//view all transactions
app.get(config.ENDPOINT_GET_TRANSACTIONS, (request, response) => {
response.json({transactions: tp.transactions});
//create a transaction with user's wallet and broadcast it to other nodes, (request, response) => {
let recipient: string = request.body.recipient;
let amount:number = request.body.amount;
let transaction = wallet.createOrUpdateTransaction(recipient, amount, blockchain, tp);
//mines new block with transaction data
app.get(config.ENDPOINT_GET_MINE_TRANSACTIONS, (request, response) => {
const block: Block = miner.mine();
console.log("New block added: " + block.toString());
//adds new block to blockchain - generic mine endpoint for mining any data, (request, response) => {
const block = blockchain.addBlock(;
console.log("New block added: " + block.toString());
//update other nodes as soon as new block mined
//show updated chain with new block
app.listen(HTTP_PORT, () => {
console.log(`Listening on port ${HTTP_PORT}`);