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import Blockchain from "../blockchain";
import TransactionPool from "../wallet/transaction-pool";
import Transaction from "../wallet/transaction"
import Wallet from "../wallet";
import P2pServer from "./p2p-server";
import Block from "../blockchain/block";
export default class Miner {
blockchain: Blockchain;
tp: TransactionPool;
wallet: Wallet;
p2pServer: P2pServer;
constructor(blockchain: Blockchain, tp: TransactionPool, wallet: Wallet, p2pServer: P2pServer) {
this.blockchain = blockchain; = tp;
this.wallet = wallet;
this.p2pServer = p2pServer;
* Mines a new transaction on the blockchain by:
* - Validating transactions on the transaction pool
* - Rewarding the miner
* - Creating new block on the blockchain consisting of the newly validated transactions
* - Synchronizes blockchains between all other peers
* - Clears transaction pool
* - Broadcasts to every miner to clear their transaction pool
mine(): Block {
const validTransactions: Transaction [] =;
validTransactions.push(Transaction.newRewardTransaction(this.wallet, Wallet.getBlockchainWallet()));
let block: Block = this.blockchain.addBlock(validTransactions);
return block;