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import ChainUtil from "../chain-util";
import * as config from "../config";
import Transaction from "../wallet/transaction";
import TransactionInput from "../wallet/transaction-input";
export default class Block {
timestamp: number;
lastHash: string;
hash: string;
//for cryptocurrency - transactions are the data in each block
//but the blockchain can hold any data
data: any;
nonce: number;
difficulty: number;
constructor(timestamp: number, lastHash: string, hash: string, data: any, nonce:number, difficulty: number) {
this.timestamp = timestamp;
this.lastHash = lastHash;
this.hash = hash; = data;
this.nonce = nonce;
this.difficulty = difficulty;
* First block of the blockchain.
static getGenesisBlock(): Block {
let genesisTx: Transaction = new Transaction(); = "genesis";
genesisTx.txInput = new TransactionInput(0, "-----");
return new Block(0, '-----', 'f1r5t-ha4h', genesisTx, 0, config.DIFFICULTY);
* Mines new block that will be added to the blockchain.
* @param lastBlock Link to the previous block for storing its hash.
* @param data Data to store for the new block.
static mineNewBlock(lastBlock: Block, data: any): Block {
let timestamp: number;
const lastHash: string = lastBlock.hash;
let nonce:number = 0;
let hash:string;
let {difficulty} = lastBlock;
//PROOF OF WORK - keep generating new hashes until get specific number of leading 0's
do {
timestamp =;
difficulty = Block.adjustDifficulty(lastBlock, timestamp);
hash = Block.generateHash(timestamp, lastHash, data, nonce, difficulty);
} while(hash.substr(0, difficulty) !== "0".repeat(difficulty));
return new this(timestamp, lastHash, hash, data, nonce, difficulty)
static generateHash(timestamp: number, lastHash: string, data: any, nonce: number, difficulty: number): string {
return ChainUtil.genHash(`${timestamp}${lastHash}${data}${nonce}${difficulty}`);
* Convenience method to generate hash based on a block - used for validation.
* @param block The block to generate hash from.
static generateHash2(block: Block): string {
const { timestamp, lastHash, data, nonce, difficulty} = block;
return Block.generateHash(timestamp, lastHash, data, nonce, difficulty);
* Adjust difficulty level based on how long it took to mine new block. If new block was mined too quickly
* (by less than the mine rate), difficulty will be increased and if new block was mined too slowly
* difficulty will be decreased.
* @param lastBlock Previous block in the chain.
* @param newBlockTime Date stamp (in milliseonds from 1970) of (potential) new block.
static adjustDifficulty(lastBlock: Block, newBlockTime: number): number {
let { difficulty } = lastBlock;
difficulty = lastBlock.timestamp + config.MINE_RATE > newBlockTime ? ++difficulty : --difficulty;
if(difficulty < 1) difficulty = 1;
return difficulty;
toString(): string {
return `Block:
Timestamp : ${this.timestamp}
Last Hash : ${this.lastHash.substring(0,10)}
Hash : ${this.hash.substring(0,10)}
Data : ${}
Nonce : ${this.nonce}
Difficulty : ${this.difficulty}