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The Local Temperature Node.js sample application distributed within Intel® XDK IoT Edition under the IoT with Node.js Projects project creation option showcases how to read analog data from a Grover Starter Kit Plus – IoT Intel® Edition Temperature Sensor, start a web server and communicate wirelessly using WebSockets.
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Intel® XDK IoT Node.js* Local Temperature App

See for license terms and conditions.

This sample application is distributed as part of the Intel® XDK. It can also be downloaded or cloned directly from its git repo on the public Intel XDK GitHub* site.

For help getting started developing applications with the Intel XDK, please start with the Intel XDK documentation.

See also, the mraa library documentation for details regarding supported boards and the mraa library API and the upm library documentation for information regarding the upm sensor and actuator library APIs.

App Overview

Demonstrates reading analog data from the temperature sensor in a [Grover Starter Kit Plus]( Grove-Starter-Kit-Plus-IoT-Edison-p-2634.html) (or equivalent) I/O kit. The app starts a web server on the IoT device that can then be used for communication via a WebSocket interface.

This IoT app works in conjunction with a mobile companion app also named "Local Temperature." The corresponding mobile app project can be found in the "Samples and Demos" section of the "HTML5 Companion App" section of the "Start a New Project" page (located on the Projects tab). See that app for additional details.

Important App Files

  • main.js
  • package.json

Important Project Files

  • <project-name>.xdk

Tested IoT Node.js Platforms

This sample can run on other IoT Node.js development platforms, that include the appropriate sensor hardware, but may require changes to the I/O initialization and configuration code in order to work on those other platforms.

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