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Hugo Apps Theme

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Hugo apps theme makes it easy to post web apps


From the root of your website

mkdir -p themes
cd themes
git clone

From config.toml of your site

theme = "hugo-apps-theme"

Creating a page

hugo new
#hugo new about.html
hugo new apps/
#hugo new apps/myapp.html
mkdir apps/myapp
touch apps/myapp/index.html
touch apps/myapp/app.js
touch apps/myapp/app.css


Front Matter

  • title(string): title for your page
  • showTitle(boolean): whether you want to show the title
  • weight(integer): weight of your page, used for sorting
  • full(boolean): whether your page is full page or not
  • enableDisqus(boolean): whether your page uses disqus or not, even though this value is true you cannot enable disqus for full page
  • img(string): logo image for your page

What is full page?

Web apps, they would probably have index.html which contains html, head, body tags
if you want to post index.html without removing that tags,
you can achieve this by setting full=true


  • baseURL(string): base url of your site
  • hasCJKLanguage(boolean): whether you support CJK language or not
  • disqusShortname(string): disqus short name
  • googleAnalytics(string): google analytics tracking id
  • title(string): title of your site
  • copyright(string): copyright of your site
  • [params]googleAutoAds(string): google_ad_client value of Google Auto Ads
  • [params]avatar(string): avatar image url of index page of your site
  • [params]author(string): your name at index page
  • [params]info(string): info string below your name at index page
  • [[menu.main]]name(string): name of menu item
  • [[menu.main]]url(string): url of menu item
  • [[menu.main]]weight(integer): weight of menu item, used for sorting


  • Responsive
  • Disqus
  • HighlightJS
  • Google Analytics
  • Open Graph


Fork this repository and create an PR to dev branch.

Inspired by

This theme is inspired by following themes:
Hugo Coder


Licensed under the MIT License.
See the LICENSE file for more details.