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The P3JS is a JavaScript assembler and simulator for the P3 CPU.

The P3 is a 16-bit CPU used at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) as a learning tool for Computer Engineering students. Check p3doc on GitHub Pages for more information about the CPU itself.

This repository contains an API and 2 implementations (web and terminal).

Online Assembler and Simulator (web)

If you just want to use the assembler and simulator NOW, go to

Local Using Docker

Build and run with Docker:

docker build -t p3js . && docker run -p 8080:80 p3js

Visit http://localhost:8000/.

Local Installation and Usage

  • Install Node.js.
  • Download the source code from this repository.
  • Run npm install to download the dependencies and build everything.

Assembler and Simulator (web)

  • Run npm start to start a dev-server and open your default browser.
  • OR open www/index.html on your browser (you won't be able to load the demos this way).

This still requires an Internet connection when first opening the browser. Running node install-offline.js will download the required remote files and create a new file, www/index-offine.html that doesn't require Internet connection.

Assembler (terminal) node p3as.js

To assemble a program: node p3as.js

Command-line options

  • -o OUTPUT_FILE to set a custom output file (defaults to YOUR_PROGRAM.exe);
  • --show-refs to show the references;

Simulator (terminal) node p3sim.js

To run a program on the simulator: node p3sim.js (it also assembles the program).


  • Ctrl-A: change the keyboard focus between the terminal (TERM), interruptions (INT) and the switches (SWT);
  • Ctrl-C: exit the simulator;
  • Ctrl-R: reset the simulator;
  • Ctrl-S: start/stop the simulator;

Keyboard Focus (Ctrl-A)

  • TERM: sends keystrokes to the terminal;
  • INT: use the keys 0-9 and A-F to trigger interrupts;
  • SWT: use the keys 0-7 toggle the switches;


  • P3JS (src/p3js/):
    • Cleanup and modularize the parser and assembler;
    • Implement Web Worker API (simulator/cpu) to take advantage of multiple threads (maybe?), make some performance tests first;
  • Local Assembler (p3as.js):
    • Cleanup the code;
    • Add option to output references to a file;
    • Add option to output raw memory image;
    • Add option to allow custom instructions (requires API code first);
  • Local Simulator (p3sim.js):
    • Cleanup the code;
    • Add option to load memory;
    • Add option to set custom ROMs;
    • Add help screen;


P3JS is released under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for details.


A JavaScript assembler and simulator for the P3 CPU.





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