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Implement MtGox's getOpenTrades() and getClosedTrades() #6

petterreinholdtsen opened this Issue Dec 29, 2012 · 9 comments


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petterreinholdtsen commented Dec 29, 2012

The getOpenTrades() and getClosedTrades() functions are missing in
mexbtcapi/api/mtgox/http_v1/high_level.py .


goncalopp commented Feb 1, 2013

StevenLooman implemented ActiveParticipant.getOpenOrders() for mtgox httpv1 in #16.
getClosedOrders is still missing from concepts


StevenLooman commented Feb 14, 2013

I'll implement the getClosedOrders in a new pull request. Hopefully today.


StevenLooman commented Feb 14, 2013

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. If I call https://mtgox.com/api/1/BTCUSD/private/trades then I get the complete list of trades, same as https://mtgox.com/api/1/BTCUSD/trades. I have no recent trades on my account, maybe this is the issue.

Any clue on this one?


goncalopp commented Feb 17, 2013

It's indeed strange, it's returning 8k (public) orders here. I can't get open_orders to work too - the server throws a 403. Wild guesses:

  • mtgox.py is not authenticating correctly (which is strange, since account.info() works)
  • there's some kind of service disruption (unlikely, it's been 3 days already)
  • wrong parameters anywhere?

I'll try to narrow it down further

All the parameters seem correct, too.

print account._generic("info") works, print account._generic("orders") returns 403. account._generic doesn't contain any method-specific code. mtgox.py is authenticating correctly, and fails if the authentication headers are removed.
I'm more inclined to a problem with the mtgox service, ATM


StevenLooman commented Feb 19, 2013

Yes, strange. Perhaps it returns a full list of orders when there are not recent trades for an account?


goncalopp commented Feb 19, 2013

Yes, strange. Perhaps it returns a full list of orders when there are not recent trades for an account?

Having made a recent trade, I can now confirm that this is not the case. It acts just as if the client is unauthenticated - visiting the page in a browser returns the same 8k trades


StevenLooman commented Feb 25, 2013

What can we do? Is there a way to start a discussion on the MtGox API wiki?

Or perhaps we should take a look at other MtGox API libs.


goncalopp commented Apr 27, 2013

getOpenOrders() seems to be working now. It was definitely something on their (mtgox's) side.
I've finally got around to do some work on mexbtcapi, so I've been adding some concepts and operations. Bitstamp support, too. Check the demo directory if you're interested


goncalopp commented Nov 12, 2016

This is now obsolete

@goncalopp goncalopp closed this Nov 12, 2016

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