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A Ruby library to generate clever dummy data.
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Dummy generates dummy data in a clever way.


Dummy can generate a lot of dummy data from company names to postal codes. While it allows you to specifically request a type of information, it can also try to determine what you're looking for given a couple of parameters.


$ gem install dummy


To ask for cleverly generated dummy data: Dummy.magic_data(field, type)

Example: require "dummy"

Dummy.magic_data("mail", :string) => ""
Dummy.magic_data("company_motto", :string) => "engineer intuitive functionalities"
Dummy.magic_data("state", :string) => "Louisiana"
Dummy.magic_data("lat", :float) => -86.718683637
Dummy.magic_data("phone", :integer) => 9462876293

You can also use its submodules for specific data: Dummy::Name.first_name => "Muhammad" Dummy::Internet.url => "" Dummy::Address.street_address => "10273 Delaney Extensions"

Have a look in the rdoc for all available generators.

More information


Dummy has a few caveats which are on the TODO list. Those are:

  • It is an English speaking gem. It will not be smart at all if your column is named telefone (Portuguese for phone) or if you want a zip code from outside the US.

Copyright (c) 2010 Gonçalo Silva

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