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The dumbest simplest Golang Port Scanner.

What it does

By default it searches for known TCP services, but it can be set to sweep the whole TCP port range with the sweep flag.

Wi-Fi Performance

Regular mode: under 5 seconds
Sweep mode: usually around 90 seconds


# Assuming you've cloned the repo and you ran "go build" in the root
./gringo -target={YOUR_TARGET_URL} [-sweep] [-timeout={SECONDS}]

Does it scan UDP ports?

No. UDP ports are particularly difficult to scan when you consider custom designed protocols and/or firewalls. You're welcome to submit a pull request.

Does it paint a big bullseye on my forehead?

Yes, since you can set it to sweep the whole TCP port range and that will raise alarms on certain systems. Use it only on systems you control or if you have permission.
This can be extended to work with gopacket and scan using SYN/FIN packets instead of opening and closing TCP connections. This significantly reduces the chance of detection.


H4xx0r Sk1llz It seems like a good exercise to learn how to use go routines, and I've had my mind set on building a thing like this for a long time. I can always improve later if I can find the time for it.

Further reading

Universal Source of Truth - Port Scanner Page