Perl6 binding for Notmuchmail
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Perl6 binding for Notmuchmail

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Notmuchmail ( ) is a mail indexation tool. This Perl6 module provides binding for a limited subset of its API.

The library has been tested with Notmuch 0.25 and greater, it does not work anymore with the older version.


use v6;
use Email::Notmuch;
my $database ='/home/goneri/Maildir');
my $query =$database, 'tag:todo');
my $messages = $query.search_messages();
for $messages.all() -> $message {
    say $message.get_header('from');
    say $message.get_tags().all();


The project uses the GPLv3 or greater and is Copyright 2015-2016 Gonéri Le Bouder