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The Ethereum Smart Contract Fuzzer for Security Vulnerability Detection (ASE 2018)
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The Ethereum Smart Contract Fuzzer for Security Vulnerability Detection

released under GPL v3 license.


Any questions with the tool, please contact Dr. Bo Jiang.


We have manually verified a benchmark of vulnerable smart contracts detected by ContractFuzzer. Their source and bins are located at

Please tell us if there is any false postives.

Quick Start

A container with the dependencies set up can be found here.(password:l2ww)

To open the container, install docker and run:

docker load<contractfuzzer.tar 
docker run -i -t contractfuzzer/contractfuzzer:latest

To evaluate the example contracts inside the container, run:

cd /ContractFuzzer && ./ --contracts_dir ./examples/exception_disorder

and finally you will see results records file in directory /ContractFuzzer/examples/exception_dirorder/list/reporter/!

Custom Docker image build(verified under Ubuntu 16.04)

docker build -t ContractFuzzer .
docker run -it -e "ContractFuzzer=/contractFuzzer/ContractFuzzer"  ContractFuzzer:latest

Evaluating Ethereum Contracts


  1. The contract's abi definition file provided.
  2. The contract's bin file provided
  3. The contract has been deployed to the Private Chain

How to deploy a contract to Private Chain can be found here.

Note that the deployment of the contract can be within the docker or on your local machine,as long as you have prepared the config, bin, and abi files. Within your local machine, after starting the geth client, you can run the ./ shell script to deploy your smart contract.

After deploying the smart contracts within the private chain, you also need to prepre the directory for the smart contracts.

The tested contract's directory tree (i.e., /yourTested_contract used in the command) would be like below, similiar to that of the example contracts we provided.

    verified_contract_abi_sig  (function signature from contract's abi)
    verified_contract_bin_sig  (function signature pairs from contract's bin)


  1. The names of contracts to test must be written into contracts.list
  2. The mapping of contract's name and address on chain must be written into addr_map.csv


docker run -it -v /YourGethEthereumPrivateChain:/Ethereum -v /yourTested_contract:/ContractFuzzer/tested_contract -e "ContractFuzzer=/contractFuzzer/ContractFuzzer"  ContractFuzzer:latest

Note the /YourGethEthereumPrivateChain is the path of your Ethereum private chain on which you have deployed the smart contracts to test.

Now step into the container,run

cd /ContractFuzzer && ./ --contracts_dir ./tested_contract

And finally you could see results records file in directory '/YourTested_contract/list/reporter/' in host file systems rather than container!


The accompanying paper explaining the fuzzer can be found here or here.


A collection of the utilities that were developed for the paper are in tools. Which are useful in some extents. Use them for your convenience.

  1. - Contains a number of functions to get signature pair from contracts' bin.
  2. - Contains a number of functions to get signature pair from contracts' bin.
  3. download_verified_contract_from_etherscan Contains a number of functions to retrieve verified contract source(abi,bin,constructor param) from EtherScan

Code Structure Descriptions

Some details about the repository structure as following.

  1. Ethereum is the base private chain that we deployed the public contracts and our agent contracts. Do not to crash it. And please deploy your contract upon it;
  2. contract_deployer is the tool to deploy contract easily for us.
  3. contract_fuzzer is one part of ContractFuzzer, which generates contract call messages based on contract's ABI definition;
  4. contract_tester is one part of ContractFuzzer, which sends the contract call messages to our instrumented Geth client.
  5. go-ethereum-cf is one part of ContractFuzzer, which instrumented the evm of Go-etheruem. And most codes added could be found under relative directory core/vm
  6. examples here provides some cases for us to make sense of the tool quickly.
  7. base here provides some fundamental dockerfiles. golang, nodejs and their integreted enviroment.


Checkout out our contribution guide

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