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Org export engine for Jekyll on Markdown
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Org Export Engine for Jekyll on Markdown

This is a simple org export engine for Jekyll Markdown. It is built from the fabulous code provided by @yoshinari-nomura/org-octopress.

Unlike the original code (and indeed most org-jekyll exporters) this exporter is built on top of ox-md to generate markdown.

Major Changes & Features

More details on the development of this exporter can be found on my blog.


The exporting of the #+DATE property (into the YAML front matter) is controlled by the date: option. Today’s date can be prepended to the filename with the option org-jekyll-use-todays-date.


Table export is now implemented (rather than falling through to HTML export). Valid kramdown tables are created, but they do not look pretty and cell widths are not even. Org-table alignments are not currently implemented.

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