Gonum BLAS GoDoc

A collection of packages to provide BLAS functionality for the Go programming language


  go get



Defines BLAS API split in several interfaces.


Go implementation of the BLAS API (incomplete, implements the float32 and float64 API).

blas/blas64 and blas/blas32

Wrappers for an implementation of the double (i.e., float64) and single (float32) precision real parts of the BLAS API.

package main

import (


func main() {
	v := blas64.Vector{Inc: 1, Data: []float64{1, 1, 1}}
	fmt.Println("v has length:", blas64.Nrm2(len(v.Data), v))

blas/cblas128 and blas/cblas64

Wrappers for an implementation of the double (i.e., complex128) and single (complex64) precision complex parts of the blas API.

Currently blas/cblas64 and blas/cblas128 require