Trigger my fan connected to wemo switch depending on BeeWi sensor
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Summer pet project for a rainy holiday afternoon.

I've got a fan connected to a Wemo switch ( I also have one BeeWi temperature & humidity sensor,us,4,BBW200-A1.cfm. The idea is simple: Switch on my fan when temperature is over a threshold and switch off the fan when temperature is below. I also want to be informed when state changes via Telegram.

how it works

  • I use noble (bluetooth) to speak with the BeeWi sensor.
  • I use wemo-client to speak with Wemo device
  • I use telebot to send data to my Telegram Bot.
  • The script runs with node within my Rasberry Pi 3

future things (things that probably never will)

  • Create a Telegram bot to see:
    • The status of my fan.
    • The temperature, humidity and battery status of my BeeWi device.
  • Detect my Peeble watch and never switch on the fan when I'm not close to it.


  • Install node dependencies (npm install)
  • Rename conf.json.dist to conf.json with your api key and device's mac address