An Excel-based tool to train financial trading with real stock and financial data using price action.
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An Excel-based tool to train financial trading with real stock and financial data using price action.

Only a few features are implemented, but good enough to be useful. If I upgrade the tool I will upload the file with new features such as automatic buy/sell/limit/sl/tp management.

The charting capabilities of Excel are unexplored to me and however, they seem quite limited if compared with other frameworks like matplotlib, d3.js, anystock etc. Anyway, Excel is a reliable program, extremely easy for programming and for creating working basic tools very fast.


The file is in the "src" folder. You can download it clicking on the following link:


The detailed instructions can be found at the official site.


The data sheet must contain at least the following columns in this order:

  • Price date
  • Open Price
  • High Price
  • Low Price
  • Close Price

The other two are not used currently.


Reset Charts Defaults

Once the data sheet is populated, click on the "reset charts" button on the bottom-left and the charts and displays will be automatically updated and adjusted with the data.

Move Bars

Insert an integer (ie 1) in cell BD36 (its fixed named range is "iterator_positions") and then click on the "move bars" button to move one step forward.

The tool supports both positive and negative values to move bars forward and backwards respectively. However, at this stage it is recommended not to go backwards beyond the initial default bar generated on clicking "reset charts" button.

Buy/Sell Buttons and Operations Row

Use the buttons to open and close operations. Only one "In Progress" operation per bar is allowed. To reset the operations panel, click on the reset operations button.


This sheet extends the information from the current and previous bars. It provides absolute, relative, dynamic and technical indicators with a wide range of magnitudes. The sheet includes contextual help for each magnitude and a brief description of it.

Sample Data:

Over 400Mb of stock data from New York Stock Exchange companies can be downloaded already prepared for Excel here:

Before pasting the values on the data sheet:

  • The decimal separator is "comma". If the destination system is configured with another decimal place separator, the values on the original csv file shall be replaced first.
  • The field separator is tabulation, not comma. It fits perfectly on Excel sheets.