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GoodGym Open Data

Open Data Endpoint - a feed of the session data from


The data is published to conform to Openactive Realtime Paged Data Exchange 0.2.4.

Issues, Questions and Comments

Please raise any issues, questions or comments as a new issue in this repository.

Data Fields

Data Field Example Value Description
"organizer" { "type": "Organization", "url": "", "name": "GoodGym", "logo": "" } Organizer of the session: GoodGym
"name" Helping out at the Wildcat Wilderness Title of session
"url" " Full URL of session on GoodGym site
"description" "The chance to do some good hard interval training with a group of lovely people and top runners and do some good"
"disambiguatingDescription" "A number of different tasks to choose from!" Extra short description of session
"activity" ["Volunteering", "Running"] Description of Activity for the sessions
"programme" "Group Run" Either Group Run or Training Session
"startDate" "2017-08-07T18:45:00Z" Start time of session
"endDate" "2017-08-07T20:15:00Z" End time of session
"duration" "PT90M" Duration of session
"location" { "type": "PostalAddress", "areaServed": "Lewisham", "beta:meetingPoint": "", "description": "", "streetAddress": "Glass Mill Leisure Centre", "addressLocality": "Lewisham", "postalCode": "SE13 7FT" } Hash of address components
"leader" { "name": "Ax Man", "email": "", "description": "All-round running/cycling/swimming bundle of energy. Lover of Hilly Fields parkrun. Trainer at GoodGym Lewisham." } Description of leader of the session
"beta:distance" { "value": 7, "unit": "KMT" } Distance of the sessions
"beta:level" "intermediate" Level of the sessions
"beta:hasCoaching" true If the session is lead by a qualified coach
"beta:registrationCount" 1 Number of people register to the session
"image" Array of photos containing thumbnails (see "Thumbnails" section below)
"ageRange" "18" All GoodGym run are 18+
"genderRestricted" "mixed" All GoodGym are mixed


In addition to the original image, each image is cropped to a number of different sizes, the dimensions of which are listed below.

Thumbnail Type Width Height
home_wide 848 600
carousel 750 515
feed_letterbox 690 250
background 980 430
twitter_card 610 400


Date Changes
06/06/2017 Implementing version of 06/06/2017
11/07/2016 Initial version published


Documentation, Changelog and Issues related to the Goodgym RPDE endpoint



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