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An affirmation that your open source community exists for the greater good.
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The Greater Good Affirmation (GGA) Gitter

This is an effort to encourage transparency in open source software. Projects that take the Greater Good Affirmation affirm that there are no ulterior motives, and that communication and incentives are transparent. By taking the Greater Good Affirmation, a community affirms that it provides software under a traditional open source model, and exists non-selfishly to solve problems toward the greater good.

How do I participate?

We are actively working on the first draft of the affirmation, please make suggestions or comments to the document here. The (live) version on the site is updated regularly after conversation with changes, and when discussion dies down the first (official) release will go out.

Participation comes down to reading the affirmation, and then adding the Greater Good Affirmation badge to your repository. Participation is done on good faith. The presence of the badge in your GitHub projects affirms that you are working for the greater good.

Where do I go next?

  • FAQ read some frequently asked questions
  • Background provides further detail about the greater good pledge.
  • Contribute Is transparent open source important to you? Learn more about how to contribute.
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