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My Snes Experiments
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My Snes Experiments

This repository is a container for all the little things I'm trying out in 65182 assembly / and trying to get them to run on bsnes/higan The toolchain consists of libsfx and bsnes-plus for debugging.


00 - Blue Screen

It's just a blue screen. Pretty cool, right?

01 - switching primary colors

It rotates between red, green and blue every second or so. No real loop.

02 - loop counter primary colors

This one actually uses a loop counter for what the 01 does

03 - bitwise rotation mood light

This one is supposed to rotate a binary block of #$1F (00011111) through the first two addressed of CGRAM, I ran into some pretty hefty problems trying to do it in a direct way, the 7th bit of the 2nd byte of GCRAM would reset inbetween frames, so I had to use local RAM to store essentially a "copy" of those addresses - otherwise the screen would just turn black.

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