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GoodData CL Change Log


  • Authentication handling updated to be forward compatible with API change in the upcoming GoodData platform release 41 (~ end of October)

Note: By accident, the released build of 1.1.9-beta errorneously reports version 1.1.8, sorry about that


  • Fixed error when using MySQL backend database running with binary logging turned on
  • Fixed error loading data containing double-quote character from an external source


  • Fixed error handling CRLF sequences in CSV files. IMPORTANT: If you run GoodData CL 1.1.4 to 1.1.6 on Windows, you really need to upgrade!


  • Google Analytics Connector: support for incremental data loading with overlapped dates
  • Fixed invalid "odd quote character" error if the 4096th character is an escaped double-quote + test added
  • Non-closed quotes in a CSV file were silently accepted, the tool returns an error now


  • Fixed CSV parsing bugs with the sequence and with missing end lines.
  • Respect the TMPDIR environment variable instead of blindly using /tmp (Unix only)
  • Google Analytics Connector: Handle "(others)" value of ga:date gracefully
  • Documentation improvements


  • Several CSV escaping issues fixed by replacing the CSV parser
  • Fixed "table deleted_ids exists" error when the tool was re-run after a certain type of interruption
  • CSV connector accepts tabulator as a separator character (use "\t" separator in the LoadCsv statement)
  • Fixed ExecuteReports command
  • HTTP proxy can be specified by -Dhttp.proxyHost and -Dhttp.proxyPort command line options (originally ignored by the underlying Jakarta HTTP client)
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