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# Simple integration test - just exectures all examples from cli-distro module
set -e
tmp=`mktemp -t gdi-int-XXXXXX`
function drop() {
echo "OpenProject(id = \"$pid\");" > "$tmp"
echo "DeleteProject(id = \"$pid\");" >> "$tmp"
bin/ "$tmp"
echo 'Running quotes demo'
bin/ examples/quotes/quotes.txt
echo 'Updating the data set in the quotes demo'
echo "UseProject(fileName = \"examples/quotes/pid\");" > "$tmp"
grep '^\(UseCsv\|Transfer\)' examples/quotes/quotes.txt >> "$tmp"
bin/ "$tmp"
echo 'Altering the server-side model (-2 attributes -1 fact +1 fact)'
bin/ examples/quotes/alter.txt
echo 'Dropping the quotes project and snapshots'
drop "`cat examples/quotes/pid`"
echo 'Running the HR demo'
bin/ examples/hr/1-department.txt
bin/ examples/hr/2-employee.txt
bin/ examples/hr/test_generate_update_maql.txt
bin/ examples/hr/3-salary.txt
echo 'Updating the employee dataset'
echo "UseProject(fileName = \"examples/hr/pid\");" > "$tmp"
grep '^\(UseCsv\|Transfer\)' examples/hr/2-employee.txt >> "$tmp"
bin/ "$tmp"
echo 'Dropping the HR project and snapshots'
drop "`cat examples/hr/pid`"
echo 'Running sfdc demo'
bin/ examples/sfdc/sfdc.txt
echo 'Dropping the sfdc project and snapshots'
drop "`cat examples/sfdc/pid`" c
echo 'Running jdbc demo'
bin/ examples/jdbc/fundamentals.txt
echo 'Dropping the jdbc project and snapshots'
drop "`cat examples/jdbc/pid`"
echo 'Running ga demo'
bin/ examples/ga/cmd.create.txt
echo 'Dropping the ga project and snapshots'
drop "`cat examples/ga/pid`"
echo 'Running pt demo'
bin/ examples/pt/cmd.txt
echo 'Dropping the pt project and snapshots'
drop "`cat examples/pt/pid`"
echo 'Running forex demo'
bin/ examples/forex/cmd.txt
echo 'Dropping the forex project and snapshots'
drop "`cat examples/forex/pid`"
echo 'Running salesforce sales demo'
bin/ examples/sales/cmd.txt
echo 'Dropping the salesforce sales project and snapshots'
drop "`cat examples/sales/pid`"
echo 'Running naming test'
bin/ tests/naming/cmd.txt
echo 'Dropping the naming test project and snapshots'
drop "`cat tests/naming/pid`"
echo 'Running separators test'
bin/ tests/separators/cmd.txt
echo 'Dropping the separators test project and snapshots'
drop "`cat tests/separators/pid`"
echo 'Running escapes test'
bin/ tests/escapes/cmd.txt
echo 'Dropping the escapes test project and snapshots'
drop "`cat tests/escapes/pid`"
echo 'Running drop_snapshots test'
bin/ tests/drop_snapshots/cmd.txt
echo 'Dropping the drop_snapshots test project and snapshots'
drop "`cat tests/drop_snapshots/pid`"
echo 'Running empty_lines test'
bin/ tests/empty_lines/cmd.txt
echo 'Dropping the empty_lines test project and snapshots'
drop "`cat tests/empty_lines/pid`"
echo 'Running empty_dates test'
bin/ tests/empty_dates/cmd.txt
echo 'Dropping the empty_dates test project and snapshots'
drop "`cat tests/empty_dates/pid`"
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