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Can't use GenerateUpdateMaql to add a column #92

lkundrak opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I intended to add an URL column to dataset {dataset.hudsonbuilds} of project i729zexwpdr03c4hjf1vktrlwa5m590q (invitation upon request) as described here:

Even without any changes to my XML files, I get update maqls for two datasets here:

CREATE ATTRIBUTE {} VISUAL(TITLE "Hudson Build") AS KEYS {} FULLSET, {} WITH LABELS {} VISUAL(TITLE "Hudson Build") AS {d_hudsonbuilds_build.nm_build};

CREATE ATTRIBUTE {attr.gitcommits.gitcommitid} VISUAL(TITLE "GIT Commit ID") AS KEYS {} FULLSET, {} WITH LABELS {label.gitcommits.gitcommitid} VISUAL(TITLE "GIT Commit ID") AS {d_gitcommits_gitcommitid.nm_gitcommitid};

Both {} and {attr.gitcommits.gitcommitid} attributes already exists, were added manually after the project was created; which is probably why it confuses GoodData-CL. My problem is that I can't find out what went wrong then -- everything seems to work fine and validation returns no errors.

If I modify the XML file to add an URL column it has no impact on generated update maqls.


Please invite me into the project using my common gooddata email and send me the relevant versions of your XML files and your GenerateUpdateMaql script.


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