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GoodData Java SDK Build Status Javadocs Maven Central

The GoodData Java SDK encapsulates the REST API of the GoodData Platform. The first version was implemented during the All Data Hackathon April 10 - 11 2014. It is free and open-source software provided "as-is" under the BSD License as an official project by GoodData Corporation.


The GoodData Java SDK is available in Maven Central Repository, to use it from Maven add to pom.xml:


See releases page for information about versions and notable changes, the Upgrading Guide will navigate you through changes between major versions.

See Javadocs or Wiki for Code Examples and Extensibility How-To.


The GoodData Java SDK uses:

  • the GoodData HTTP client version 0.9.3 or later
  • the Apache HTTP Client version 4.5 or later (for white-labeled domains at least version 4.3.2 is required)
  • the Spring Framework version 4.3.*
  • the Jackson JSON Processor version 2.8.*
  • the Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8 or later


Build the library with mvn package, see the Testing page for different testing methods.


Found a bug? Please create an issue. Missing functionality? Contribute your code.