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GoodData.UI React components

A React-based JavaScript library for building data-driven applications

Getting started


With yarn installed, go to your project directory and run

$ yarn add @gooddata/react-components

If you prefer npm run

$ npm install --save @gooddata/react-components

The public API is exposed via global index.js. Except for the styles, do not import any other file directly because they are not intended to be part of the public API.


We welcome any contribution in form of issues or pull requests.

Install Node.js (node 12.16.1, npm v6.13.4) and Yarn (1.22.4).

Install dependencies:

yarn install --frozen-lockfile

These commands may come in handy while developing:

command description
yarn install --pure-lockfile first step
yarn dev build react-components to /dist in watch mode
yarn test run all unit tests
yarn prettier-write format the source code to match the valid codestyle
yarn validate validate codestyle
yarn storybook run storybook from /stories on http://localhost:9001
yarn build-storybook build storybook to /dist-storybook
yarn test-storybook run storybook and screenshot tests
yarn examples run Live Examples dev-server from /examples on https://localhost:8999
yarn examples-build build Live Examples to /examples/dist
yarn examples-server serve built Live Examples - see /examples/server/src
yarn examples-testcafe run testcafe tests against localhost:8999

Deploy to

When you deploy this repo to heroku, it serves GoodData.UI Live Examples. Relevant tasks are in Procfile and package.json.

# run in the project directory
heroku login
heroku create <your-app-name>
heroku config:set DOMAIN_ADMIN_PASSWORD=xy PROJECT_ID_TO_ASSIGN=xms7ga4tf3g3nzucd8380o2bev8oeknp
git push heroku HEAD:master
heroku open

Enable Geo Chart for Storybook and Live Examples

Geo chart uses Mapbox to render map which requires a Mapbox access token.

  • Register an account and create Mapbox access token at guide
  • Store the created token at .env:
echo -e "EXAMPLE_MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN=token" >> .env # only need to run once
echo -e "STORYBOOK_MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN=token" >> .env # only need to run once

Run Live Examples Locally

To run GoodData.UI Live Examples locally:

git clone <this-repository>
cd  <repository-folder>
yarn install --pure-lockfile
yarn examples

Then open https://localhost:8999 and login using Live Examples account (you can create one here).

Run Storybook locally

  • Run storybook with token stored in .env for more secure
yarn storybook
  • Or run storybook with token env param exposed to cli (not suggested)
  • Apply either above way to yarn build-storybook or yarn test-storybook

Source code formatting

The source code in the repository is formatted by Prettier. The format of the code is validated by our Continuous Integration server and is one of the requirements of successful merge.

Prettier is supported by every major IDE. You can find the list of supported editors and how to configure them here.

In the case, when your editor is not supported or you don't want to setup the integration, you can run the yarn prettier-write command to reformat the code before commit.


Supported versions

We encourage you to always use the latest available version of GoodData.UI to make the user experience with integrating GoodData.UI as smooth and secure as possible and to ensure that GoodData.UI always uses the latest features of the GoodData platform.

For more information, see Supported Versions.

Please follow the installation instructions in the gooddata-ui-sdk repository to update to the latest version.


(C) 2007-2020 GoodData Corporation

This project is dual licensed:

  • The ATTRIBUTION-NONCOMMERCIAL 4.0 INTERNATIONAL (CC BY-NC 4.0) is used for purpose of the trial experience and evaluation of GoodData.UI library.

For more information, please see LICENSE.