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@@ -92,12 +92,13 @@ console.log(data);
Or for multiple files read asynchronously:
-futures = []
-fibrous.wait(futures); // or fibrous.wait(future1, future2,...)
+futures = [
+ fs.future.readFile('/etc/passwd'),
+ fs.future.readFile('/etc/hosts')
+data = fibrous.wait(futures); // or fibrous.wait(future1, future2,...)
+console.log(data[0]); // or futures[0].get()
Note that `fs.sync.readFile` is **not** the same as `fs.readFileSync`. The
@@ -118,7 +119,7 @@ provides two easy ways to do this.
Pass any function to `fibrous` and it returns a function that
conforms to standard node async APIs with a callback as the last
-argument that expects `err` as the first argument and the function
+argument. The callback expects `err` as the first argument and the function
result as the second. Any exception thrown will be passed to the
callback as an error.

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