A tool to show a 3D drawing of a physical thing, with a tennis ball for scale
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This is a tool to show a 3D drawing of a physical thing alongside tennis ball for scale.

Developed as part of our work for the British Museum, we made a thing that shows viewers the size of all the objects in a special collection held there, called the Waddesdon Bequest. We drew a representation of each object as a 3D shape, and added what we thought was a relatively universal object -- a tennis ball -- alongside, so people can get a feel for its size.

You can see it working here: http://wb.britishmuseum.org/by_volume

Example of Drawn Dimensions

(We've had a feature request from New Zealand to swap the tennis ball for a rugby ball. Let's see who wins the World Cup!) :)


You can install the Gem from rubygems.org with the command line with:

bundle install dimension_drawer

Or if using Bundler, specify the Gem in your Gemfile, and run bundle install.

gem 'dimension_drawer', '~>1.0'


First require the gem, then initialize the object using the params height, width, depth, view_width, view_height, in that order. The first three refer to the dimensions of the real-world object, and should be specified in centimetres. The last two refer to the required dimensions of the SVG output – the scale doesn't really matter, but the aspect ratio between these two numbers is important.

To render the SVG, call .cabinet_projection method. This takes an optional angle param, but the default of 45 degrees is traditional.

DimensionDrawer.new(435.41, 341.40, 102.4, 400, 320).cabinet_projection

By default, units will be included within the SVG, but these can be turned off within an options hash:

DimensionDrawer.new(435.41, 341.40, 102.4, 400, 320, {exclude_units: true}).cabinet_projection


The SVG element has a class of dimension-view, the cube wireframe elements have a class of edge and the tennis ball has a class of tennis-ball. You can use these to style the SVG with CSS.


There are lots of ways this code could be improved, and more features that could be added. If you have particular requirements, get in touch – we’re curious to see how this code might be used. The easiest thing to do is probably to add an issue with your question, suggestion or bug report.

You can also contribute directly by forking the repository and submitting a Pull Request.

In the wild

We were thrilled to see the dimension-drawer used by the Minneapolis Institute for the Art! Here's an example display: http://collections.artsmia.org/art/22774/wrestler-tagonoura-tsurukichi-utagawa-kunisada-ii