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YNAB don't support European banks. Banc Sabadell doesn't support standard format transaction downloads.

ynabadell downloads a list of your Sabadell transactions, reformats the data to match YNAB's requirements, and uploads them to your YNAB account.


npm install


These environment variables are required:

  • SABADELL_USER_ID – the user ID you use to sign into Sabadell's online banking
  • SABADELL_PIN – the secret you sign in to Sabadell online banking with
  • YNAB_ACCESS_TOKEN – a Personal Access Token which you can get following these instructions
  • YNAB_BUDGET_ID –  a UUID which identifies the YNAB budget you want to import transactions into
  • YNAB_ACCOUNT_ID – a UUID which identifies the bank account your transactions should be imported into

You can find the YNAB_BUDGET_ID and YNAB_ACCOUNT_ID values by inspecting the URL when you viewing a particular account on your YNAB dashboard. The URL is formatted as:<YNAB_BUDGET_ID>/accounts/<YNAB_ACCOUNT_ID>

It's recommended you put these variables in a .env file which will be loaded in automatically.

After you have set up the environment variables:

node index.js

Running via launchd

A launchd plist is included, which you will need to customise to fit your particular environment before using.

For example, the directories won't be the same on your system. You may also want to change the schedule.