A Vagrant environment based on DreamHost's shared hosting
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Recreates the DreamHost shared hosting environment as a Vagrant box.

This project repo contains the code for building the Dreambox base box. To use Dreambox in your project, check out the "Getting Started" section of the Wiki.

Package Versions

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Package Version
ndn-php56 5.6.36
ndn-php70 7.0.30
ndn-php71 7.1.19
ndn-apache22 2.2.31-5
mysql-server-5.6 5.6.33

The following are installed, but may require additional configuration and/or packages (Contributions are welcome and appreciated):

  • Perl
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SQLite

See the Wiki for additional documentation.




  • ADDED: Uses Dreamhost NDN repositories (#36)
    • Prefixed with ndn- in dpkg -l
  • ADDED: Create multiple vhosts during vagrant up (#5)
  • ADDED: Choose between multiple PHP versions
  • ADDED: Run more than one version of PHP
  • ADDED: Installs phpMyAdmin (#6)
  • ADDED: Certificate Authority (no more self-signed certificates) (#54)
  • ADDED: Subdomain support
  • ADDED: Support for host aliases
  • ADDED: The ability to create a database during provisioning
  • ADDED: dream.box admin page and links
  • CHANGED: Moves configuration to external YAML file
  • CHANGED: Updates Ubuntu to 14.04.5
  • CHANGED: Updates MySQL to 5.6.33
  • CHANGED: Updates PHP to versions 5.6.33, 7.0.27, and 7.1.13
  • CHANGED: Build scripts improved for a more streamlined VM.
  • FIXED: Corrects user home directory permissions.
  • FIXED: Uses subjectAltName for all hosts
  • REMOVED: Configuration via a hash of settings values


  • ADDED: A message about testing Dreambox 0.3.0-beta-1


  • FIXED: SSL no longer automatically enabled (#37)


  • ADDED: Git
  • ADDED: Ruby 1.8
  • ADDED: Public folder setting
  • ADDED: Passwordless sudo for all users
  • ADDED: Log in with provisioned user
  • CHANGED: Reverts useradd removal
  • FIXED: Invalid MySQL socket path
  • FIXED: Sets correct sync folder permissions

Thanks to @jbtule and @meowsus.


  • ADDED: Initial SSL support (#1)
  • CHANGED: Updates MySQL to use readline
  • CHANGED: Updates PHP to 5.6.29
  • CHANGED: Updates Apache to 2.2.31
  • CHANGED: Sets test as primary development VM and prevents dev autostart
  • CHANGED: Updates motd with Wiki links
  • REMOVED: Removes userdel from user_setup


  • CHANGED: Moves documentation to the Wiki
  • FIXED: Adds missing Vagrantfile template


BREAKING CHANGES on 0.2.x: See 0.2.x Archived Notes

  • ADDED: Example Vagrantfile
  • ADDED: Packaged Vagrantfile to simplify the setup process
  • CHANGED: The main sync folder for the web root is now created automatically (#7)
  • CHANGED: user_setup is now automatically run during vagrant up
  • FIXED: Fixed MySQL autostart (#9)
  • FIXED: Build error when dropbox_pre isn't found
  • REMOVED: Removes ModSecurity (#10)
  • REMOVED: user_setup no longer creates a user

Thanks to @NReilingh.


  • ADDED: Dreambox Message of the Day (motd)
  • ADDED: Compiled package files
  • CHANGED: Cleaned up documentation (more to come...)
  • CHANGED: Disabled Sendfile mitchellh/vagrant#351 (comment)
  • CHANGED: Restructured source files and development workflow
  • CHANGED: Enabled and loaded shared Apache modules
  • FIXED: An issue preventing sites from displaying when accessed via IP address (#4)
  • FIXED: Broken MySQL build script
  • FIXED: PROJECT_ROOT variable used by user_setup
  • FIXED: Broken package source URLs (#3)


Initial release