A Chrome extension for opening links from pinned tabs in a new tab
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Pinned Out

A Chrome extension for opening links from pinned tabs in a new tab, thus preserving the pinned tab's state/location.

For anyone, like me, who pins tabs for a reason.


  • Exclude domains from being affected
  • Option to open all links or only external links in a new tab
  • Syncs options across computers*

Suggestions and contributions are welcome.


From the Chrome Web Store

Download Pinned Out from the Chrome Web Store

Using Git & Grunt

You'll need to have Grunt installed to automate building this extension. If you're not familiar with Grunt, you can learn more here.

Clone the repository:

git clone git://github.com/goodguyry/pinned-out.git

Install the necessary Grunt packages:

npm install --save-dev

Build the extension:


Now you're ready to manually install Pinned Out. Be sure to choose the /build directory when asked to specify the "Extension root directory".

Known issues

  • Some AJAX content containing links may not open in a new tab. Most will.

* Sync requires a Google account, being signed in to Chrome with your Google account and having the appropriate sync options enabled in Chrome's settings.