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Transfer-based Machine Translation
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Transfer-based Machine Translation and other tasks with DELPH-IN grammars.


Xmt is written for Python 3.4 on Linux. It may also work on Mac, but this has not been tested. Make sure virtualenv is installed, clone this repository and navigate to its directory, then do the following:

~/xmt$ virtualenv -p python3 env
~/xmt$ source env/bin/activate
(env) ~/xmt$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Now you should have an environment loaded and ready to go. When you are done, execute deactivate to exit the virtual environment.

Of course, you'll need to have some grammars and processors ready as well. Install the ACE processor for DELPH-IN grammars, and download one or more grammars:

  • Jacy
  • ERG (compiled grammar images available from the ACE website)

If you want to do transfer, you'll need a transfer grammar:

The grammars will need to be compiled before they can be used. Please see the ACE or corresponding grammar documentation for instructions.


While in the virtual environment, run the script. The --help option lists a usage synposis:

(env) ~/xmt$ ./ --help

  xmt init      [-v...] [--parse=OPTS] [--transfer=OPTS] [--generate=OPTS]
                [--rephrase=OPTS] [--full] [--reverse] [--ace-bin=PATH]
                DIR [ITEM...]
  xmt parse     [-v...] [ITEM...]
  xmt transfer  [-v...] [ITEM...]
  xmt generate  [-v...] [ITEM...]
  xmt rephrase  [-v...] [ITEM...]
  xmt evaluate  [--coverage] [--bleu] [--oracle-bleu] [--all]
                [-v...] [ITEM...]
  xmt [--help|--version]

  init                      create/modify workspace and import profiles
  parse                     analyze input strings with source grammar
  transfer                  transfer source to target semantics
  generate                  realize strings from target semantics
  rephrase                  realize strings from source semantics
  evaluate                  evaluate results of other tasks

  DIR                       workspace directory
  ITEM                      profile to process

  -h, --help                print usage and exit
  -V, --version             print version and exit
  -v, --verbose             increase logging verbosity (may be repeated)
  --parse OPTS              configure parsing with OPTS
  --transfer OPTS           configure transfer with OPTS
  --generate OPTS           configure generation with OPTS
  --rephrase OPTS           configure rephrasing with OPTS
  --full                    import full profiles, not just item info
  --reverse                 switch input and translation sentences
  --ace-bin PATH            path to ace binary [default=ace]

The first thing to do is to initialize a workspace. E.g.:

(env) ~/xmt$ ./ init --parse="-g ~/erg/erg.dat" \
                           --ace-bin=/path/to/ace \
                           my-workspace \

Then you can parse a profile:

(env) ~/xmt$ ./ parse my-workspace/mrs
NOTE: parsed 107 / 107 sentences, avg 3186k, time 2.46504s

And generate paraphrases from the parsed results:

(env) ~/xmt$ ./ rephrase my-workspace/mrs
NOTE: generated 272 / 273 sentences, avg 3276k, time 6.35489s
NOTE: transfer did 102581 successful unifies and 115288 failed ones

And evaluate the paraphrases:

(env) ~/xmt$ ./ evaluate --coverage --bleu my-ws/mrs/
  Items:                                      107
  Parsing (107 items, 273 results):
    Items parsed:                             107/107                  (1.0000)
    Parse/Item:                               273/107                  (2.5514)
  Rephrasing (107 items, 272 parses, 775 results):
    Abs. items rephrased:                     107/107                  (1.0000)
    Rel. items rephrased:                     107/107                  (1.0000)
    Parses rephrased:                         272/273                  (0.9963)
    Rephrases/Parse:                          775/272                  (2.8493)
    BLEU:                    81.25
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