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GoodStat works on the majority of available hosts, it also works on the latest version of PHP (7.3.3)

Hey. I would like to share with you the script I created called the GoodStat System. You will probably think that the name is a little bit overproduced and exaggerated, but please understand that I have devoted some time to this project and I sincerely strive to make this script in the future worth the name of the System.

I do not write professionally in PHP language, but also know about the existence of the Node.js environment as well as Composer manager. In the GoodStat script, the above solutions are not implemented and used, it simply results from my ignorance of their use, nevertheless however, the whole works and without these probably great additions.

From the very beginning, one of the main GoodStat assumptions is that the whole thing is completely free and endlessly refined with new features and improvements. You can find out about new updates using the tab: System / Update, I mean the tabs on your server, available after installing GoodStat.

I also do not conceal that I am counting on the comments and suggestions on your part regarding the GoodStat System, which will show me in the future the direction of work on the whole.

I wish you the greatest visits on websites monitored by GoodStat ...

The GoodStat system is a web application, operating in the hosting environment, counting the statistics of entries, page views and much more. After downloading you will be able to install it yourself on your hosting. The data can be read as soon as the installation is completed and pasted into a monitored page on each subpage, a special JavaScript code.

GOODSTAT SYSTEM functionality

  • Counting Visits and Views with breakdown for years and months.
  • A preview of the History of the monitored site entries along with the visitors' technical parameters, date and time.
  • Possibility to preview the number of Visits and Visits on the Hourly Chart on the selected date.
  • Readout of Technical Data entering a monitored site such as: Operating System, Browser, Screen Resolution, Number of Colors, Browser Language.
  • The ability to read Global Statistics, using them you will get to know the most popular: Subpages, Days of Week and Hours.
  • SEO statistics, with their help, you can check what domain the browser has had on your website, as well as the name of the online robots with the date and time of entry.
  • The System Log section is intended for writing and reading all important activities in the system such as: adding and deleting various records, logging into the system, updates, etc.
  • After pasting the JavaScript code into each monitored subpage, the statistical data is read immediately, you do not need to wait a few or several hours, as it is in other statistical systems.
  • Using the Updates section you can check if there is an update for your GoodStat system version.
  • The number of monitored domains is absolutely arbitrary.

Installation of the GOODSTAT SYSTEM:

Demo GoodStat

I invite you to look at the GoodStat demo version, here is the access data:

Initial activities

  • Download the GoodStat System and unpack the downloaded package.
  • Create a Data Base specifically for the GoodStat System on your hosting.
  • Create a directory on the server and send all unzipped files from the downloaded package.
  • Go to the created directory with uploaded files and follow the instructions on the screen - you have just started the installation process.


  • Fill out the entire form with:
  • Your e-mail address.
  • Login - you will use it when logging in to the GoodStat System.
  • Password - also needed to log in.
  • The full address of your website, along with the protocol http: // or https: //
  • Acceptance of the Regulations is necessary to start the installation.
  • Fill in the complete Data Base form with details:
  • The name of the Database Server - this is usually: localhost.
  • Login and Password Database.
  • If everything went well and you gave all the correct values ​​- you just finished the installation and you can log in to the GoodStat System.
  • After logging in, go to the tab: System / JavaScript code and copy the entire JavaScript code visible on the left.
  • Paste the code into every subpage in your domain that you want to be monitored by the GoodStat System.
  • The data from the monitored domain will be read immediately after pasting the JavaScript code.

I invite you to


A free system for counting statistics for a website.





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