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import datetime
import os
from decimal import Decimal
from first import first
from unittest import TestCase
import syra
class SimpleTest(TestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.api = syra.TestAPI(timeout=3)
def test_authenticate(self):
def test_balance_string(self):
balance = self.api.balance(as_decimal=False)
self.assertEqual(balance, '$5.72 AUD')
def test_balance_decimal(self):
balance = self.api.balance()
self.assertEqual(balance, Decimal('5.72'))
def test_contact_list(self):
contacts = self.api.contact_list()
self.assertItemsEqual(contacts, [])
def test_domain_check(self):
domains = [
('', None),
('', None),
('', True),
self.api.domain_check(*map(first, domains)),
def test_domain_list(self):
domains = self.api.domain_list()
self.assertEqual(domains, [])
def test_domain_price_list(self):
products = self.api.domain_price_list()
com_au = products.get('')
co_uk = products.get('')
self.assertEqual(com_au, {'MinimumPeriod': 2, 'Price': 10.0})
self.assertEqual(co_uk, {'MinimumPeriod': 1, 'Price': 9.25})
class LiveTest(TestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.api = syra.API(timeout=3)
def test_domain_list(self):
domains = self.api.domain_list()
for domain, status, expiry in domains:
self.assertEqual(isinstance(domain, basestring), True)
self.assertEqual(isinstance(status, basestring), True)
self.assertEqual(isinstance(expiry,, True)
def test_domain_info(self):
info = self.api.domain_info('')
'BusinessType': "Company",
'BusinessNumber': "109064039",
'TradingNumberType': "ACN",
'BusinessNumberType': "ACN",
'TradingName': "Touch Technology Pty Ltd",
'TradingNumber': "109064039",
'PolicyReason': 1,
'BusinessName': "Touch Technology Pty Ltd",
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