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* Allow PostField.file#to_s
* Minor refactoring to how PostField.file handles strings
* Accept symbol and any object that responds_to?(:to_s) for easy.http(:verb)
* Free memory sooner after a request finishes instead of waiting for garabage collection
* Fix crash when sending nil for the http_put body
* Fix inspect for Curl::Easy, thanks Hongli Lai
* Fix unit test assertions for Curl::Multi, thanks Hongli Lai
* Curl::Multi perform is more robust process callbacks before exiting the loop - issue 24. thanks igrigorik and ramsingla
* improve Curl::Multi idle callback robustness, trigger callbacks more often - issue 24. thanks igrigorik and ramsingla
* fix bug in http_* when http_delete or http("verb") raises an exception
* add support for autoreferrer e.g. if follow_location=true it will pass that along
* minor fix for no signal instead of INT2FIX Check boolean value
* add support to set the http version e.g. easy.version = Curl::HTTP_1_1
* add support to disable libcurls internal use of signals.
* Support rubinius
* allow to be called without a block
* add additional examples
* Start tracking high level changes
* Add Curl::Easy#close - hard close an easy handle
* Add Curl::Easy#reset - reset all settings but keep connections alive
* Maintain persistent connections for single easy handles