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== 1.0.4
- Make sane defaults for app/gem/public paths when using
RailsFilesystemLayout (Kristian Meier)
- Add 'jruby.rack.slash.index' init param that forces / =>
/index.html. Fixes JRUBY_RACK-35 and makes Jetty 6 work without
having to configure dirAllowed in Jetty's default servlet.
- Switch to mostly relying on request URI and not so much servlet
path/path info. Makes Tomcat 7 work.
- Added rails.relative_url_append context parameter. This can be set in
your web.xml or similar to append a string to the end of the context
path when the RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT is set. This allows you to
host your rails app in a location other than the base context path
of your application. (Ben Rosenblum)
== 1.0.3
- JRUBY-4892: Fix IO collapsing \r\n to \n on Windows
- Fix setting of relative_url_root in Rails 3
- Recognize META-INF/init.rb and WEB-INF/init.rb as init scripts.
== 1.0.2
- Upgrade to Rack 1.2.1 (required for Rails 3 RC)
- Retain any GEM_PATH that's set in the environment
- Fixed XML Schema Location definition for jsptaglib for JBoss 6
(NAKAMURA Hiroshi)
- JRUBY_RACK-33: Fix RackFilter to only append .html to path info if
the resource exists (thanks Patrick Cheng)
== 1.0.1
- 1.0.0 release had a packaging snafu. Too many releases in too short a timespan
== 1.0.0
- Might as well go to 1.0. We've been used in production code for a
while now.
- Turns out the LoadError path dumping is pretty annoying. Rearrange
the code and have it only activated by 'jruby.rack.debug.load'.
== 0.9.9
- 0.9.8 broke Rubygem's custom require
== 0.9.8
- Look for in either WEB-INF/ or
WEB-INF/*/ and use it for racking up the application.
'rackup' context parameter is still supported for embedding in
web.xml too.
- JRUBY_RACK-21: Add logging adapter classes for commons-logging and
slf4j. If you use either of these logging frameworks in your app,
simply set 'jruby.rack.logging' to 'clogging' or 'slf4j' in either
web.xml as a context parameter or as a system property to pipe Ruby
logs through those frameworks (h/t jcantrill).
- Fix bug with RackRewindableInput#read(N) -- should return nil when finished
- Fix Rails 3 logger configuration
- Only load vendor/rack if Rack is not already loaded
== 0.9.7
- Rails 3 support
- Fix "overrides final method getRuntime" error due to 1.5 Java class
generation changes
- Upgrade to Rack 1.1.0
- Upgrade to servlet 2.5 and jsp 2.1
- Fix SCRIPT_NAME/PATH_INFO overlap issue with context paths (seen on
GAE and elsewhere)
- JRUBY_RACK-8: adjust LOAD_PATH if jruby_home detection failed in the current environment
- JRUBY_RACK-23: JavaServletStore needs to be required before it can be set as the session store
- JRUBY_RACK-26: Rack crashes on multipart/form-data bodies submitted with curl (or other headless client)
- JRUBY_RACK-27: Rails.public_path has a trailing /
- JRUBY_RACK-29: Incorrectly Bundling jruby-rack-0.0.7.SNAPSHOT.jar
- JRUBY_RACK-19: Add a jruby-rack gem for finding the jar file
- JRUBY_RACK-24: Support non-war deployment of Rails apps
== 0.9.6
- JRUBY_RACK-22: Ensure we call #close on the body per the Rack spec.
- Set true when creating a runtime. JRuby 1.5
will default this flag to false, but you probably still want JMX
capability inside an appserver.
- Miscellaneous spec cleanup due to changes in JRuby 1.5
== 0.9.5
- Upgrade to Rack 1.0.0. However, if you supply Rack in your
application (either via rubygems or by vendoring it), it will take
precedence -- JRuby-Rack's bundled copy is only loaded as a
fallback. This allows you to upgrade Rack without having to wait for
a new JRuby-Rack release.
- Implement Rack-based java servlet session mechanism. You'll have to
turn on java servlet sessions by setting
ActionController::Base.session_store = :java_servlet_store
in your config/initializers/session_store.rb.
- JRUBY_RACK-7: Implement a rewindable 'rack.input' shim between the
servlet input stream and the Rack environment. Below a certain
byte-size threshold, the input is entirely buffered in memory. Above
the threshold, the input is written to a tempfile. The default
threshold is 64k, and can be controlled by the system property
- The previous non-rewindable input behavior can be re-instated by
setting the system property 'jruby.rack.input.rewindable' to false.
Despite being out of spec, environments such as Google AppEngine
require this behavior because writing to a tempfile is not possible.
- JRUBY_RACK-4: deal with threading and to_io by assigning IO object
to an instance variable instead of defining a singleton method on
the metaclass/singleton class
- JRUBY_RACK-17: Fix SCRIPT_NAME/PATH_INFO in root context (Chris
- JRUBY_RACK-10, JRUBY_RACK-15: Fix request channel read issue w/
POSTs and multiparts (Michael Pitman, Lenny Marks)
- JRUBY_RACK-14: Override both Servlet service methods (Michael
== 0.9.4
- PLEASE NOTE: Prior to 0.9.4, jruby-rack would try to use the java
servlet session store by default. This caused more confusion than
it's worth; so the default Rails cookie session store has been
reinstated for this release.
- Upgrade bundled Rack version to 0.9.1
- Introduce RackLogger, defaults to log to servlet context but can be
made to point to stdout by setting -Djruby.rack.logging=stdout (for
Google AppEngine)
- Detect Rails 2.3 rack machinery and dispatch to it rather than the
legacy CGI shim.
- TODO: Still missing a java servlet Rack::Session adapter for Rails
2.3. Should have it for next release.
- Update example Rails application to Rails 2.3.2, include bits for
deployment to Google AppEngine using Warbler.
- RackApplication-related core Java classes have been insulated from
the servlet API, so that (parts of) JRuby-Rack can be used outside
of a servlet container. If your application or library is coupled to
these classes, you'll likely be broken with this release. See Nick
for details.
- Fix TLD to be more compatible (Fred McHale).
- Switched main code repository to still
available as a mirror and for forking.
- EXPERIMENTAL: Beginnings of a JMS API (more details to come)
- REMOVAL: All the goldspike compatibility bits have been removed. You
should upgrade your application to use a web.xml similar to what
comes with Warbler.
== 0.9.3
- Merb updates for 1.0 compatibility
- Patch race condition in runtime pooling that allowed more than max
number of runtimes
- Fix bug with backref interpretation and windows paths
- JRUBY-2908: Add fallback for when servletContext.getRealPath doesn't
work (Joern Hartmann)
- Add extra prevention to ensure that IO descriptor keys do not leak in
the runtime's cache of descriptors (see also JRUBY-3185)
- Switched to dual rake/maven build process
- Switched main code repository to github (for now)
== 0.9.2
- Upgrade to Rack 0.4.0
- Only chdir at startup when the /WEB-INF directory exists (fix for jetty-rails)
- Fix typos in rails tag tld
- Add getRuntime to RackApplication for use by non-web embedded applications
- Use a shared application factory for Rails if max runtimes == 1 (to support multi-threaded Rails)
- Change from jruby.initial.runtimes to jruby.min.runtimes to be consistent w/ Warbler
== 0.9.1
- Change each runtime's notion of current directory to /WEB-INF, so you can do
loads and requires relative to WEB-INF
- JRUBY-2507: Update Rails boot override to not pre-load action_controller
- Don't assume or set cache_template_loading to true, rely on Rails to do it for us
- Set ENV['HTTPS'] = 'on' for Rails depending on servlet request scheme (Lenny Marks)
- Fix request URI -- must include query string
- Updated to be built and tested against JRuby 1.1.3
- Ensure that gem environment is set up for plain rack apps too
- JRUBY-2594: Fix URI-escaping issue (e.g., when spaces are in the path)
- Make use of 'Rails.public_path' in Rails 2.1
- JRUBY-2620: Fix issue with non-string headers
- Support integer and date headers directly
- Examples: Rails updated to 2.1, Camping and Sinatra examples added/working
== 0.9
- First public release.