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My Sublime Settings and Plugins
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Welcome to My Sublime Text 2 Set Up

For years I loved and used Emacs and could not move to any other editor because of lack of the configuration and customization (for my taste). For one, they never provides the key-bindings I loved or a easy to develop in plug-in system.

Then, I found Sublime Text 2. A completely customizable editor allowing you to easily modify all default behaviours so that they suit your editing style.

Here is hopping I can build on the work of sublemacspro, and other plug-ins and get me an editor I want.


  1. Install Package Control
  2. Add this git repository as a channel
  3. Use "Package Control: Install"


Installing the following packages will probably generate conflicts dues to the plug-in commands named the same.

  • sublemacspro


Ctrl-is used a modmap modifier for most features that have been remapped.

The following features were adapted from various plug-ins:


A number of key-bindings of sublemacspro were removed

  • Ctrl-r and Ctrl-s were remapped to search. Ctrl-r is now used to pull up symbols.
  • Kill line, region ... with kill ring using M-w, C-w, C-y
  • Yank with free choice from kill ring using fancy overlay: Just press C-Y to access the kill ring and search for your last copy and paste.
  • Rectangular cut and insert using C-x r t and C-x r d*
  • Find file at point M-x f f a p opens the file your current cursor points to
  • Automatic mode detection like it's done in Emacs using prefixes -*- c++ -*-


Probably more random Emacs goodness.

Authors and Contributors

  • Me
  • Authors of sublemacspro
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