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Commits on Mar 18, 2014
  1. Don't search in random directories for existent libraries

     #KT-4644 In Progress
  2. Search library kinds

     #KT-4644 In Progress
  3. Silently disable other incompatible framework

     #KT-4644 In Progress
  4. Support library create with relative paths

     #KT-4644 In Progress
  5. Minor: add @TestOnly annotation

  6. @bashor

    JS backend: fix access to class object members from containing class …

    bashor authored
    …with implicit receiver.
    #KT-4130 Fixed
  7. @bashor

    Minor in JS backend: dropped unnecessary aliasing in ExpressionVisito…

    bashor authored
    …r when translate local named function.
  8. @bashor
Commits on Mar 17, 2014
  1. @abreslav
  2. @abreslav
  3. @abreslav
  4. @abreslav
  5. @abreslav
  6. @abreslav
  7. @abreslav
  8. @abreslav
  9. @abreslav


    abreslav authored
    We do not try to recover too gracefully from a cyclic hierarchy any more:
    we simply remove all the edges that belong to a cycle instead of intelligently finding one most convenient edge to cut.
    This is done in both lazy and eager resolve to keep tests passing.
  10. @abreslav
  11. @abreslav
  12. @abreslav
  13. @abreslav
  14. @abreslav

    getDeclaredCallableMembers() fixed for lazy classes

    abreslav authored
    Otherwise synthesized members were not included
  15. @abreslav
  16. @abreslav
  17. @abreslav
  18. @abreslav
  19. @abreslav
  20. @abreslav
  21. @abreslav
  22. @abreslav
  23. @abreslav
  24. @abreslav

    DelegatingType extracted

    abreslav authored
  25. @abreslav
  26. @abreslav
  27. @abreslav

    Files in TopDownAnalysisContext are stored explicitly

    abreslav authored
    To avoid the necessity of registering mutable package fragments in order to register files
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