SentiPY is a Chinese sentiment ananlysis system based on the SentiDP algorithm.
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#SentiPY SentiPY is a sentiment ananlysis system based on the SentiDP algorithm and implemented by Python.SentiDP stands for the "Sentiment Drop Point", utilizes the sentiment word strength(like "good" labeled with the value +3) to classify reviews.

what's the Features

1, Sentiment classificaton based on sentiment word strengths;
2, Sentiment rating;
3, Sentiment effectiveness rank;
4, Extracting aspect-opinions;

##Requirement We need a Stanford NLP service, but its size is more than 300Mb, so we need to download it manually from Dropbox.
1,install corenlp-python(include the Stanford CoreNLP)

tar xvzf corenlp.tar.gz
cd corenlp-python  
python corenlp/

then the NLP server is running.

##usage: install the python package first ####1,nlp(to do segment\pos\parse)

from sentipy import nlp
server = nlp.StanfordNLP() 
print nlp.parser1(server,"我在广州")

####2,sentiment analysis

from sentipy import senti
s = senti.senti()

Thanks for the support of Useease.Inc and Stanford NLP GROUP's John.