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Breaking changes


New APIs

  • Augmented Faces and front-facing camera support
    • Added the ability to use the front-facing (selfie) camera with the ARCoreSession component, as well as animation for camera transitions.
      • Note: Motion tracking, all types of anchors, Augmented Images, and plane detection are not available when using the front-facing camera.
    • New Augmented Faces mode supported when using the front-facing (selfie) camera.
      • New AugmentedFaceMode property in ARCoreSessionConfig to enable Augmented Faces in ARCore session.
      • New AugmentedFace class (extends Trackable) that provides face poses and mesh estimation for detected faces.
      • New AugmentedFaces sample scene to demonstrate how to use the new Augmented Faces API.
  • New VersionInfo.Version to retrieve a string describing the ARCore SDK for Unity version.
  • Added Session.LostTrackingReason that enables apps to provide actionable feedback to users when tracking is lost.
  • Added Frame.TransformCoordinate() that transforms between different 2D coordinates systems, see DisplayUvCoordinateType enum.


  • Frame.CameraImage.DisplayUvCoords() has been deprecated. Use Frame.TransformCoordinate() instead.

Behavioral changes

  • Enabling and disabling the ARCoreSession component on the ARCore Device prefab now doesn't take effect until the next frame. Disabling the ARCore session will no longer stall the main thread.

Other changes

  • New Plane Discovery prefab that shows a guide to help users find a plane.
  • New Feature Point Visualizer that includes a visual popping effect.
  • New Object Manipulation sample showing interactions for manipulating objects in AR.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue 244, background color green-blue swapped issue with HDR enabled on Samsung Exynos devices.
  • Fixed issue 439, augmented_image_cli hangs when using uppercase file extensions — gives the message "Calculating..." but never shows final score
  • Fixed application crash for apps that were built with Player Settings > XR Settings > ARCore Supported disabled.
  • Instant Preview emits a warning when build platform is not set to Android. Helps avoid Instant Preview stream being scaled incorrectly due to high resolution monitors on 'standalone' (desktop) build platforms restricting the game view scale to 2x and higher.
  • Fixed issue 389, failure to restore camera projection matrix when ARCoreBackgroundRenderer component is disabled.
  • Fixed issue 327 where the Camera's global position and rotation were updated while running in Instant Preview instead of the local position and rotation.
  • Eliminated console build warnings.
  • Updated Instant Preview console messages for clarity.
  • Updated ExampleBuildHelper so that builds the SDK sample scenes no longer overwrites the Android Package Name and Product Name. Application icons are now only updated if they are unset, or are set to one of the included sample icons.
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