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Engine and plugin changes

ARCore Unreal SDK v1.7.0 is based on Unreal 4.21.2 release. The Unreal Engine branch with the 1.7.0 version of GoogleARCore plugin is located here:

New APIs

  • New UGoogleARCoreFrameFunctionLibrary::GetTrackingFailureReason C++/Bluerpint function that returns the reason for AR tracking failure when tracking state/quality is NotTracking.
  • New UGoogleARCoreFrameFunctionLibrary::TransformARCoordinates2D C++/Bluerpint function that transforms a list of 2D coordinates from one 2D coordinate system to another 2D coordinate system.
  • New EGoogleARCoreCameraFacing CameraFacing and EGoogleARCoreAugmentedFaceMode AugmentedFaceMode properties in UGoogleARCoreSessionConfig enable new capabilities:
  • Front Camera & Augmented Faces
    • Apps can now enable Augmented Faces with the front-facing (selfie) camera by setting the CameraFacing and AugmentedFaceMode properties in UGoogleARCoreSessionConfig.
    • EARSessionType::Face session type in UARSessionConfig is also supported when using ARCore. When running on ARCore supported devices, it will configure the session to use front camera with AugmentedFaceMode set to EGoogleARCoreAugmentedFaceMode::PoseAndMesh.
    • New UGoogleARCoreAugmentedFace type which inherents from UARFaceGeometry class.
    • New UGoogleARCoreSessionFunctionLibrary::GetAllAugmentedFaces and UGoogleARCoreFrameFunctionLibrary::GetUpdatedAugmentedFaces C++/Blueprint functions which can be used to get the UGoogleARCoreAugmentedFace objects that ARCore manages.
    • New UGoogleARCoreFaceMeshComponent class, which is a C++/Blueprint component that creating face mesh for rendering purpose.


  • UGoogleARCoreSessionFunctionLibrary::GetPassthroughCameraImageUV is now deprecated. Please use UGoogleARCoreFrameFunctionLibrary::TransformARCoordinates2D(EGoogleARCoreCoordinates2DType::Viewport, ..., EGoogleARCoreCoordinates2DType::Texture, ...) instead.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the crash when using UGoogleARCoreServicesFunctionLibrary::RemoveCloudARPin to remove an invalid UCloudARPin.
  • Fixed the issue that the texture returned by UGoogleARCoreFrameFunctionLibrary::GetCameraTexture couldn't be rendered in the correct color space when using a surface material.
  • Issue #47 Fixed a bug where ARCore Plugin prevented camera Pitch and Roll movement even when ARSession wasn't running.

GoogleARCore sample changes

  • New AugmentedFaces sample project that shows an example of how to use the new Augmented Faces capabilities.
  • ComputerVision sample now uses the new UGoogleARCoreFrameFunctionLibrary::TransformARCoordinates2D to calculate UVs to render the CPU image.
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