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  • Added Augmented Faces sample to demonstrate using ARCore's Augmented Faces API.
  • Added Animation sample to demonstrate using animated FBX models in Sceneform.

New APIs and capabilities

  • Sceneform includes an optional animation library, which enables animation playback.
  • Added ModelAnimator and AnimationData classes. Sceneform now has the ability to play animated models.
  • Added SkeletonNode class which can be used to bind nodes to bones in a skinned renderable, making it possible to attach objects to bones, access the positions of bones, and manipulate the positions of bones directly.
  • Added the ability to retrieve submesh names via Renderable.getSubmeshName().
  • Added pauseAsync() and resumeAsync() to ArSceneView. These are non-blocking versions of pause() and resume().
  • Added AugmentedFaceNode to the UX library which can be used to render visuals with ARCore's Augmented Faces feature. See the new sample in the /samples/augmentedfaces/ directory to learn more.
  • Added getSessionFeatures() in BaseArFragment which can be used to specify fundamental session features. See ARCore's Session(Context context, Set<Feature> features).
  • Added ArSceneView.setCameraStreamRenderPriority(…) to make it possible to control what order the camera stream is rendered in. This is useful for writing custom materials for occlusion.
  • Added Vector3.equals(Vector3) and Quaterion.equals(Quaterion).
  • Exposed Quaternion(Vector3 eulerAngles) and Quaternion.eulerAngles() publicly.

Behavioral changes

  • FBX import to SFB has been updated to respect the axes & units used to export the model. As a consequence, re-importing previously imported FBX models may result in the scale of the generated SFB changing. This new functionality will only apply to newly imported models with SFA version of 0.54:2 or higher.

Other changes

  • Added the canonical ARCore face mesh FBX in assets/canonical_face_mesh.fbx. Use this file to create custom meshes for Augmented Faces apps.
  • Fixed Issue 479 - adding tilt to each planet in the solar system sample.

Bug fixes

  • Unlit glTF materials will no longer be tonemapped, preserving the original color on the screen.
  • Fixed Issue 413 - leak of BaseArFragment when View/Activity are destroyed.
  • Fixed Issue 390 - fade mode layering wrong.
  • Fixed Issue 504 - Sceneform-base.aar missing min-sdk AndroidManifest.xml entry.
  • After a resource failed to load, later requests for the same resource would just report the old failure. Later requests for failed resources will now retry.

Known issues

  • Sceneform animation is not supported on ChromeOS.
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