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Google Group User --> Kubernetes RBAC
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What It Does

RBAC Synchroniser pulls a Google Group, extracts Google Group Member Emails and updates the Kubernetes RoleBinding in the given namespace.



  • The service account's private key file: -config-file-path flag
  • The email of the user with permissions to access the Admin APIs: -google-admin-email flag

see guide:

  • The Google Group list per Kubernetes namespace: -namespace-group flag
  • Configure Minimal GKE IAM permissions for each Google Group: gcloud beta iam roles create minimal_gke_role --project my_project --title "Container Engine Minimal" --description "Minimal GKE Role which allows 'gcloud container clusters get-credentials' command" --permissions "container.apiServices.get,container.apiServices.list,container.clusters.get,container.clusters.getCredentials"



Flag Description Defalut
-cluster-role-name The cluster role name with permissions. "view"
-config-file-path The Path to the Service Account's Private Key file.
-google-admin-email The Google Admin Email.
-fake-group-response Fake Google Admin API Response.
-namespace-group The group and namespace. May be used multiple times.
-in-cluster-config Use in cluster kubeconfig. true
-kubeconfig Absolute path to the kubeconfig file.
-listen-address The address to listen on for HTTP requests. ":8080"
-rolebinding-name The role binding name per namespace. "developer"
-update-interval Update interval in seconds. 15m0s
-log-json Log as JSON instead of the default ASCII formatter. false

Prometheus metrics

  • rbac_synchroniser_success: Cumulative number of role update operations.
  • rbac_synchroniser_errors: Cumulative number of errors during role update operations.



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