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Android Developer Fundamentals (Version 2)

This repository contains samples, starter code, and solutions for Version 2 of the Android Developer Fundamentals course (August 2018).


Each of the samples in this repository is associated with a practical exercise from the Android Developer Fundamentals course. While each sample stands and runs on its own, they are designed to be used together with the course.

The Android Developer Fundamentals course is an instructor-led training experience and is targeted towards beginning Android developers with a background in software development or computer science.


The samples, along with the course, assume basic competence in software design and development, as well as some background in computer science.

Specifically, to get started you need:

  • Familiarity with the general software development process for object-oriented applications using an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  • At least 1-3 years of experience with object-oriented programming and the Java programming language.

For the more advanced samples, it helps to know about:

  • SQLite databases and the SQLite query language.
  • Software architectural patterns that separate data from the user interface, such as MVP, MVC, or MVA.
  • Threading

You don't need to know anything about Android to get started.

Getting Started

  1. Install Android Studio, if you don't already have it.
  2. Download the sample.
  3. Import the sample into Android Studio.
  4. Build and run the sample.


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