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setup-gcloud GitHub Action

Configures the Google Cloud SDK in the GitHub Actions environment. The Google Cloud SDK includes both the gcloud and gsutil binaries.

Or integrate natively with other Google Cloud GitHub Actions:

This repository also contains deprecated GCP GitHub Actions from previous mono-repo format.

Table of Contents


- name: Set up Cloud SDK
  uses: google-github-actions/setup-gcloud@master
    project_id: ${{ secrets.GCP_PROJECT_ID }}
    service_account_key: ${{ secrets.GCP_SA_KEY }}
    export_default_credentials: true

- name: Use gcloud CLI
  run: gcloud info


Name Requirement Default Description
version optional latest The version of the gcloud to be installed. Example: 290.0.1
project_id optional ID of the Google Cloud Platform project. If provided, this will configure gcloud to use this project ID by default for commands. Individual commands can still override the project using the --project flag which takes precedence.
service_account_key optional The service account key which will be used for authentication credentials. This key should be created and stored as a secret. It can be encoded as a Base64 string or as JSON.
service_account_email optional Service account email address to use for authentication. This is required for legacy .p12 keys but can be omitted for JSON keys. This is usually of the format <name>@<project-id>
export_default_credentials optional false Exports the path to Default Application Credentials as the environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to be available in later steps. Google Cloud services automatically use this environment variable to find credentials.
credentials_file_path optional GITHUB_WORKSPACE Only valid when export_default_credentials is true. Sets the path at which the credentials should be written.

Example Workflows