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Google Pay APIs help you build better checkout experiences

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The Google Pay API enables fast, simple checkout within your apps and websites, and gives you convenient access to hundreds of millions of cards saved to Google Accounts worldwide.

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The Google Pay organization has a number of repositories, some important ones include:


  1. android-quickstart android-quickstart Public

    Google Pay API sample application for Android

    Java 338 175

  2. google-pay-button google-pay-button Public

    Google Pay button - React, Angular, and custom element

    TypeScript 216 60

  3. flutter-plugin flutter-plugin Public

    Dart 128 116

  4. pay-server-demos pay-server-demos Public

    Google Pay with various Payments Service Providers (PSPs)

    JavaScript 32 16

  5. compose-pay-button compose-pay-button Public

    An Android library that provides a Jetpack Compose wrapper on top of the Google Pay Button API.

    Kotlin 12

  6. react-native-make-payment react-native-make-payment Public

    React Native library for making native payments

    Kotlin 4 2


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