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Sample codes for using Tink via JNI
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Tink JNI Examples

Sample codes of using Tink with non-Java languages


Tink library is currently available in Java, C++ and Obj-C. The purpose of the sample code is to allow developers to use Tink in other languages.

The core implementation of Tink is in Java. Thus, the sample codes use Java Native Interface (JNI) to create API bridge allowing Java code to be called by native applications written in other languages.

Current Status

  • C# JNI example was released on 2019-03-31.
  • Ruby JNI example was released on 2019-05-03.
  • Stay tuned for others!

Getting started


This is not an official Google product or library.

Tink is the library actively maintained and supported by the Google Pay team.

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