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This repo provides i3-video annotations [download] from Beyond Instructional Videos: Probing for More Diverse Visual-Textual Grounding on YouTube

If you find the data or paper useful for your own work, please consider citing:

  title={Beyond Instructional Videos: Probing for More Diverse Visual-Textual Grounding on {YouTube}},
  author={Hessel, Jack and Zhu, Zhenhai and Pang, Bo and Soricut, Radu},

i3-video (is-it-instructional-video) annotations

We sample videos with English ASR from the validation set of the YouTube-8M dataset, subject to YouTube policies. Each video is shown to three paid annotators, who each provide a Yes/No answer to the question:

Is this an instructional video in a broad sense? That is, does this video focus on real-world human actions accompanied by procedural language that explains what’s happening on screen in reasonable details?

More specifically, the raters were instructed to answer Yes for videos that are

  • a tutorial / how-to video intended to teach a user how to do something themselves. For instance, a cooking demonstration, a video explaining how to bleed brakes, how to stretch your foot, or how to style the hair.
  • not intended to teach viewers how to do it themselves, but whose main focus is real-world human actions accompanied by procedural language. e.g.,
    • an educational video intended to inform how it's done by professionals, for example, a video with a physician explaining a procedure to potential patients.
    • unboxing video where the narration explains what’s happening on-screen
  • Note the emphasis on real-world human actions
    • we want to exclude videos where the visual information is dominated by screenshots
  • Note also that the judgment should be made based on the main focus of the video.
    • we want to exclude, for instance, a conditioner review where visually it is mainly displaying the product, with little procedural language; but a video mainly focused on teaching people how to do a particular hair-do should be annotated as yes, even if it has a few product placement at the end

We release the resulting i3-video dataset (is-it-instructional annotations) [download] for 6.8K videos in a csv file with two fields:

Video id, human annotation

Video id is the id for the video from YouTube-8M release, which was a randomly-generated ID to protect the privacy of uploaders. The external YouTube ID can be looked up following the instructions on this page, as long as the video remains public on YouTube.

Human annotation field is simply a string with all ratings received by the video concatenated by -. A rating can be either Yes, No, or, in a small number of cases, Can’t Judge. In the vast majority of cases (99.8%), a video receives exactly three ratings; in a small number of cases, it receives 1,2, or 4 ratings. 96% of the time, all raters agreed on the same rating. According to a majority vote, 73.6% of annotated videos are not instructional.


Human annotation of "is-it-instructional" for a random sample of videos from YouTube8M.






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