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Fréchet Video Distance

This repository contains the code to compute the Fréchet Video Distance (FVD) as described in



FVD is implemented in tensorflow and requires tensorflow and tensorflow-hub to be available. An example is available here.

Given a tensor of real videos, and a tensor of generated videos that both have dimensionality [NUMBER_OF_VIDEOS, VIDEO_LENGTH, FRAME_WIDTH, FRAME_HEIGHT, 3] with values in 0-255, FVD is computed as

from frechet_video_distance import frechet_video_distance as fvd

result = fvd.calculate_fvd(
    fvd.create_id3_embedding(fvd.preprocess(real_videos, (224, 224))),
    fvd.create_id3_embedding(fvd.preprocess(generated_videos, (224, 224))))


If you are using FVD please cite us!

  title={Towards Accurate Generative Models of Video: A New Metric \& Challenges},
  author={Unterthiner, Thomas and van Steenkiste, Sjoerd and Kurach, Karol and Marinier, Raphael and Michalski, Marcin and Gelly, Sylvain},
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