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Partial code for "Understanding and correcting pathologies in the training of learned optimizers"

Authors: Luke Metz, Niru Maheswaranathan, Jeremy Nixon, C. Daniel Freeman, Jascha Sohl-Dickstein


What is in this folder

Due to the distributed nature of this project, there is a lot of coupling to internal Google infrastructure and releasing a fully running example is not possible at this time. This folder contains the core components of our paper (learned optimizer architecture, evolutionary strategies + gradient based training algorithm) + some stubbed out code showing how the distributed training would work.

The architecture for the learned optimizer can be found in

The evolutionary strategies + reparameterization gradient trainer can be found in

The cluster is started with which is the chief worker that manages performing gradient updates on the learned optimizer. runs a worker. These workers iteratively recreate a training graph, and push gradients to the parameter servers. shows how one would use a learned optimizer. This consists of sequential applications of the Learner defined in

The remaining files are helpers / utilities.

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